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MS4 Permit
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Municipal Separate
Storm Sewer System
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Per annual state requirements, the following is a summary of the Borough's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit requirements.

The first requirement under this minimum measure is to map our storm water system so we better understand where storm water travels in our community and identify areas where non-storm water has the potential to enter the system. Areas with the highest potential for illegal dumping and improper connections are priority areas within the system. As a better understanding of the layout of the system is gained, we will implement a program to detect and eliminate sources of non-storm water entering the system and eliminate it. If we find a discharge during dry weather, we must take action to find the source and eliminate it. If it turns out the discharge is from someone dumping wastes down the storm drain, we must take action against the person(s) responsible and correct it. Educating the public on why dumping to storm drains is not good for public safety or water quality is essential in preventing illicit discharges to the storm water system. Through education, we hope to give people the information they need to make the right choice about disposing wastes properly rather than putting it down the storm drain.

The measurable goals as required by DEP are as follows:

1)   Develop a storm drain map showing the location of all the storm basins in the Borough. This has been completed.

2)    Install "notice" stickers on each storm basin that states it is a storm drain. This is to let residents know that it is a storm drain, This has been completed.

3)   Have occasional articles in the newsletter talking about the storm drains. This will be accomplished every year.

4)   Circulate the "After the Storm" flyer to all residents. This was completed and there are copies available at the Borough Office.

5)   Post informational flyers in the front lobby for the public to see regarding oil changes, walking dogs, washing cars and yard sale signs.

6)  Signs are not allowed to be placed on any poles or trees in the Borough Right-of-way. Residents, businesses and outside people are notified when they place any signs on poles, trees, 422 islands or Borough property. The signs are also removed immediately and disposed of. This is a regulation of not only Borough Ordinance but also a storm water ordinance and Crimes Code.

Informational documents and flyers are taken to the N.N.O. along with other items that would interest the residents such as, D.A.R.E. and Recycling, for the resident to take with them.

Borough of Myerstown
101 E Washington Ave.
Myerstown PA 17067

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